Waste Programs


The Public Works Department doesn't have a public dump on property however, we do accept metal items such as appliances, etc. Trash can also be taken to The Barbour County Landfill. For more information on the items that can be disposed of at The Barbour County Landfill, please call 334-775-8100.

Commercial Services

Commercial dumpster service and trash collections are also available through the Public Works Department. For information concerning Commercial dumpster service, please call 334-687-1236.

Mosquito Spraying Program

The department is also responsible for the City's mosquito spraying program. Citizens are encouraged to keep their property clean and free of items that may hold stagnant water, which is a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Spraying for mosquitoes does not begin until temperatures reach above 60 degrees. Spraying takes place late at night and very early in the mornings.

Overgrown Properties

Public Works also enforces the City's ordinance prohibiting overgrown weeds, shrubs, underbrush, litter/trash on private property. Complaints concerning such property should be directed to the Public Works Department for abatement.