Who do I contact concerning utility services in Eufaula?

Eufaula is served by several utility companies:

  1. Water/sewer disposal service is provided by the Eufaula Water Works and Sewer Board. Their phone number is334-687-1225. In outlying areas, water service is provided by Cowikee Water Authority, 334-687-6333, and Baker Hill Water Authority. Contact them at 334-687-6444.
  2. Alabama Power Company provides electrical service within the city limits. They can be reached at 800-245-2244.
  3. Cable television is provided by Spectrum. Their phone number is 866-594-7235.
  4. AT&T is the local telephone provider. They can be reached at 800-288-2020.
  5. Natural gas service is provided by Southeast Alabama Gas District. Call them at 334-687-3410.
  6. Two propane gas distributors are located in Eufaula:
    1. Automatic Gas Phone: 334-687-2003
    2. Gala Gas Phone: 334-687-2603

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