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  1. Email Alesha R. Williams

    OUR MUNICIPALITY is committed to providing electronic communication that is accessible to the widest possible audience, regardless of... More…


  1. Email Administration

    Provides information on city functions and laws for the City of Eufaula, Alabama.


  1. Email Building/Planning

    Citizens' questions about the building specifications/inspections in Eufaula, Alabama.

Code Enforcement Violation Form

  1. Code Enforcement Violation Form

    Identify property issues in the community that need attention/correction.

Fire Department

  1. Contact Eufaula Fire Department

    The Eufaula Fire Department proudly protects 14,000 people living in an area of 69.7 square miles. We operate out of 4 stations that... More…


  1. Email Horticulture

    Viewer questions/comments/concerns about the beautification of the City of Eufaula.

Human Resources

  1. Job Application

    Complete this application for all employment with the City of Eufaula.

Human Resources/Risk Management

  1. Email Human Resources/Risk Management

    Provides a full range of functions and services to include the administration of the City's personnel System to include: benefits... More…

Jaxon Life Senior Center

  1. Email Jaxon Life Senior Center

    The Jaxon Life Senior Center serves active individuals ages 60 and older in the Eufaula area. Come join us for the following fun... More…

Municipal Court

  1. Email Municipal Court

    Handles community service, warrants, preparation of court documents, traffic and non-traffic cases, accepts payments on fines and court... More…

Police Department

  1. Email Eufaula Police Department

    Citizens' questions/inquiries about the Eufaula police functions/laws in Eufaula, Alabama.

  2. Voluntary Camera Registration
  1. Viewer Questions

Public Works

  1. Email Public Works

    Provides pickup/disposal of household garbage and trash, repair/maintenance on city streets, street signage, street lights and drainage... More…


  1. Email Recycling

    Handles various materials for recycling such as aluminum, glass, paper, cardboard, magazines, motor oil, vegetable oil, etc.

Register, Wes - City Council President - District I

  1. Email Wes Register - City Council President - District 5

    City Councilman for District 5 serving as council president in Eufaula, Alabama

Revenue/Business License

  1. Email Revenue/Business License

    Administer the city's revenue ordinances and regulations and collect taxes and fees due the City of Eufaula, Alabama.

Robinson, John W - City Councilman - District 4

  1. Email John Wayne Robinson - City Councilman - District 4

    City Councilman for District 4 in the City of Eufaula, Alabama.

Strategic Plan

  1. Email Gloria Helms - Strategic Plan, City of Eufaula, Alabama

    Strategic issues, goals, and objectives for the City of Eufaula, Alabama.


  1. Contact Eufaula Barbour Transit Authority

    Citizens schedule necessary travel for appointments, shopping, etc. through Eufaula Barbour Transit Authority.