Mayor/City Council


Eufaula, Alabama is a Class 7 municipality which operates under a
Mayor-Council form of government.
The governing body is composed of five council members elected by district,
and a mayor who is elected at-large.

Mayor Jack B. Tibbs, Jr., is currently in his second term as mayor of the City of Eufaula,
and is the 32nd mayor of the City of Eufaula.
He is the chief executive officer of the municipality and has general supervision and control over
all other officers and affairs of the
City of Eufaula.  Mayor Tibbs has more than 39 years of business management and
marketing experience, most of which was in
Barbour County.  He is founder and owner of StrikeZone Lure Company from 1999 to present.
An avid outdoorsman, he enjoys hunting, fishing and golfing.
He is married to Suzann Suddath Tibbs.
They have five children and four grandchildren.

Jack B. Tibbs, Jr., Mayor

City of Eufaula

205 East Barbour Street
Eufaula, AL  36027
Phone:  334-688-2000

District 1

Tony L. Robertson
226 North Orange Street
Eufaula, AL  36027
Phone:  334-687-5567

District 2

Johnny A. Knight, Council President
P.O. Box 104
Eufaula, AL  36072
Phone:  334-687-4781

District 3

Lucious Cobbs
1161 Dale Road
Eufaula, AL  36027
Phone:  334-616-0134

District 4

Linda Singleton Grice
402 Pebble Beach Drive
Eufaula, AL  36027
Phone:  334-616-7571

District 5

Barbara C. Flurry, President Pro-Tem
124 Cottonhill Road
Eufaula, AL  36027
Phone:  334-689-2332